Porcelain Veneers
Offer the most revolutionary advancement in aesthetic dentistry.
Dynamic results can usually be achieved within a week or ten days to
correct somewhat misaligned, discolored or misshapen teeth. The
approach requires less reduction of healthy tooth structure than full
crowns, without compromising the periodontal health. For many patients
unhappy with their smiles, porcelain veneers may be a dream come true.

Porcelain Crowns
While porcelain veneers offer dazzling aesthetic results, they require
adequate remaining tooth structure for their support. Crowns can be
made from different materials that include the all porcelain crown, the
porcelain fused-to-metal crown and the all-metal (gold) crown. Crowns
and bridges may be placed on natural teeth or dental implants.
Have your teeth become darker and/or yellowed over the years? Dental researchers have discovered a simple,
safe and inexpensive technique to manage discolored teeth. We offer the
Sapphire™ one-hour light whitening
 No trays of "gook" to wear in the mouth for several days.  Relax while you lighten your teeth from 5 to
13 shades!

Dental Implants
A dental implant establishes a foundation for a replacement tooth or teeth in the area missing teeth. Titanium
cylinders are placed in the jawbone where the teeth are missing. The implants then heal and integrate with the
jawbone. After healing, porcelain crowns, bridges or attachments for dentures are secured to the implants.

Bridges & Crowns
When a tooth is lost, the space left from missing teeth may cause one of several problems. Teeth may drift into the
space changing your bite, this changed bite may result in a sore jaw, gum disease or decay. When there has been
the loss of a tooth, replacement teeth can be attached to two crowns constructed for the two teeth on either side
of the open space. This is called a bridge because it bridges the open space. A bridge can be made of metal or
porcelain, or a combination of the two.

Tooth Colored Inlays
An inlay is usually recommended as a conservative alternative to a full crown. Oftentimes when decay is removed,
and sufficient natural tooth structure remains, these procedures are recommended.