What are Lumineers?

One of the most common questions that I'm asked in my dental practice has
been: “What do you think about Lumineers?”

I wanted to update you on the Lumineers technique of doing porcelain veneers
to permanently straighten, whiten and beautify the shape of your teeth in only
two visits without shots or drilling.  Many of you might have seen the technique
advertised in magazines and television.

This is a technique where no removal of any sensitive tooth structure, no drilling
and no injections of anesthetic are required.  The veneers, contact lens thin
facings of porcelain, are made to cover your existing teeth.  One laboratory in
Santa Maria California creates the veneers.

I had been skeptical of this technique for several years and have waited for
improvements in the procedure and the materials themselves.  The key material
is Cerinate porcelain; a highly reinforced porcelain that can be made as thin as a
contact lens.

I feel the technique has come a long way since its inception and can now be used
on the right patients.  Not everyone is a candidate for the procedure,
depending on several dental factors that can be discussed during an examination.

Our Lumineers patients have had astounding results. The time in the dental chair
is greatly reduced and the procedure is ideal for those that have a hyperactive
gag reflex, back and neck problems or bad arthritis making it difficult to sit in the
chair for long appointments.

Out of 130,000 dental offices in the USA, approximately 1400 are certified in this
technique, including ours.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Michael Felber DDS