Cosmetic Dentistry: Will my Teeth Look Fake?

One of the major concerns of people who would like to consider cosmetic
dentistry is whether their teeth will look false.  The "chiclet" look is
everyone's worst fear.  Dr. Michael Felber, a specialist in cosmetic and
reconstructive dentistry, understands this fear and assures his patients
that good cosmetic treatment does not look fake it looks natural.

"Real teeth are not just a solid color, they are slightly more yellow at the
top and more transparent at the bottom, they are also slightly jagged at
the bottom, not perfectly flat or smooth," explains Dr. Felber.
Dr. Felber creates natural looking teeth utilizing porcelain veneers,
porcelain crowns or implants.

"People don't realize that porcelain veneers require very little drilling."
Only the front surface of the tooth is prepared and only .6 millimeters of
the surface is reduced, about as much as a thin fingernail. "Most people
don't even need Novocain," states Dr. Felber, "but it's certainly available if someone wants it."For more
information or a consultation, call Dr. Michael Felber's office at (201) 262-2881. His office is conveniently located
in Oradell, NJ, 389 Kinderkamack Road.


My dentist wants to do a sinus lift, but I feel that he may not really be qualified.  How difficult is the procedure?
What are some of the risks?  I have Asthma and allergies, but both under control.  Does this present a special
problem? What qualifications should a dentist have?  Must the procedure be performed by an oral surgeon?

I recommend that an oral surgeon perform this procedure.  After he does the sinus lift I then do the
reconstruction work (ie. the crown, bridge or prosthetic work).  If you need more help, call me at 201-262-2881.


I am 38 years old and have very low maintenance teeth.  Because of occasional grinding I anticipate that I will
need porcelain veneers in the future.  If I had this done how much more maintenance will there be?

Our practice consists of porcelain veneers, cosmetic reconstructive dentistry and general dentistry.  All of our
veneer patients have their teeth cleaned at our office every 4 months, with out fail.  Home care consists of
brushing and flossing, as normal.  We also recommend a 2% fluoride rinse daily.


It has been recommended to me, by my dentist, to have all my upper teeth extracted, 2 bone grafts and then
have 9 implants. It will be done in 3 phases.  I will have 2 temp bridges and one permanent over denture made
(or clip on type for less money).  I have been told I have short roots and bone loss probably due to having
braces twice- once at 13 yrs. old and once at 30 yrs. old.  I am in my mid 40's and I am a bit overwhelmed by
the extent of work being proposed and the cost.  I had surgical scaling of the 2 upper quadrants about 6 yrs
ago and have maintained 2-3 cleanings a year along with good oral care.  Please advise me what the approx.
cost would be for the above-proposed work.  Also, what other options do I have?

With a case as complex as yours I need to see your x-rays and examine your mouth to give an accurate
assessment.  I would guess you are looking at about $25,000 +/- $5000 for the 9 implant over denture
treatment plan.  This includes the surgery fees and the tooth reconstruction/denture fees.
As far as other options, if even just two teeth can be saved, you can do a tooth born over denture, which will
allow a denture to clip to the roots of your remaining teeth.  This can run about $7000 depending on how many
teeth can be saved by Periodontal Treatment and root canals.
And finally, extraction of all upper teeth followed by a full upper denture, which can rely on the suction from the
roof of your mouth if you have a good arch or ridge, would run about $2000 to $3000.
I encourage you to visit our office for a consultation.  Call us at 201-262-2881.